Sheriff Al Millard



Sheriff Al Millard







Al Millard graduated from high school in Waterloo Iowa, after which he began work with the FBI as an administrative employee. He attended college at night, received a business degree and was accepted into the FBI Special Agent’s Academy in 1957. After graduating in 1958, Al served as an FBI Special Agent in Baltimore and Hyattsville Maryland, then Atlanta and Dalton Georgia before opening the Rossville FBI office in 1970.

Mr. Millard received numerous awards during his FBI career, and retired in 1986. That year he began working with the office of the Tennessee Valley Authority Inspector General, leaving that position in 1988 to seek the office of Sheriff of Walker County. He was elected in November of that year and then re-elected in 1992.

Sheriff Millard is perhaps best known for establishing the Walker County “Stocking Full of Love” program, which provides Christmas presents for the underprivileged children of the county. This program continues to this day.

In 1996 Sheriff Millard’s service was acknowledged and honored by the Georgia Senate which issued this proclamation.

Sheriff Millard passed away on June 4, 1996.