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Lookout Mountain Judicial Drug Task Force P.O. Box 466 LaFayette, GA 30728 Email: WALKER COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE David Gilleland, Agent DeWayne Brown, Deputy Commander/ Agent Jennifer Hollifield, Secretary LAFAYETTE POLICE DEPARTMENT Patrick Doyle,  Commander/Agent CATOOSA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Alan Miles, Agent DADE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Matt Cole, Agent DRUG TASK FORCE CONTROL BOARD Sheriff Steve Wilson, Chairman Sheriff Ray Cross Commander Patrick Doyle Sheriff Gary Sisk, Catoosa Buzz Franklin, DA Sheriff Mark Schrader Chief Benji Clift, LPD Phone: 706-638-5570 Fax:706-638-5574

Walker County Sheriff’s Office

105 South Duke Street

LaFayette, GA 30728

(706) 638-1909

Sheriff Steve Wilson ext. 231

Major Mike Freeman ext. 224

Kim Jones Administrative Assistant ext. 231

Court Services

Captain Anthony Gilleland ext. 237

Laura Parker Division Secretary ext. 229

Jody Green Warrants ext. 227

Sandra Battles GCIC ext. 221

 Detective Division

Captain Steve Rogers Jr. ext. 245

Lieutenant Burt Cagle ext. 269

Melissa Harris Division Secretary/Records ext. 223

Amber Lovelady Division Secretary/Sex Offender Registration ext. 272

Detective Sergeant Mike Hinch ext. 253

Detective Sergeant Richie Dye ext. 288

Detective Sergeant Walt Hensley ext. 239

Detective Sergeant Jeff Herpst ext. 263

Detective Sergeant Dewayne Llewellyn ext. 298

Detective Sergeant J.B. Mullis ext. 238

Detective Sergeant William Davis Child Abuse ext. 254

Detective Sergeant Michelle Brown ext. 270

Detective Sergeant Dewayne Steele ext. 240

Evidence Custodian/TAC  Sergeant Mitzi Lands ext. 244


Detention Division

Captain Philip Street ext. 295

Administrative Assistant BelvaHensley/Commissary ext.249 Administrative Assistant Lieutenant Monica Silmon ext. 264

Shelia Smith Medical ext. 248

Training Division

Sergeant Pat Cook ext. 252

Uniform Patrol Division

Captain Mark Stanfield ext. 242

Lieutenant Steve Rogers, Sr. ext. 247

Traffic Unit

Sergeant Chris Anderson ext. 232

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  1. Jeremy Cook:

    I am a current post certified officer looking to move in your area. Is your department currently hiring?

  2. agilleland:

    You can pick up an application at the sheriffs office as we are always looking for good people to add to the Department

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