Inmate Visitation

Civilian VisitationMonday:
Cell Block A: 2pm – 3pm
Cell Block 1&6: 3pm – 4pm
Cell Block 2: 4pm – 5pm

Cell Block C: 2pm – 3pm
Cell Block 3: 3pm – 4pm
Cell Block 4: 4pm – 5pm

Cell Block D: 2pm – 3pm
Cell Block 5: 3pm – 4pm
Cell Block B: 4pm – 5pm

Cell Block C: 12pm – 1pm
Cell Block A: 1pm – 2pm
Cell Block 1&6: 2pm – 3pm
Cell Block 2: 3pm – 4pm
Cell Block 3: 4pm – 5pm

Cell Block D: 1pm – 2pm
Cell Block 4: 2pm – 3pm
Cell Block 5: 3pm – 4pm
Cell Block B: 4pm – 5pm


Visitation Rules

All visitors will register with the visitation officer in the jail lobby. Visitors will remain in the lobby after registration until the Inmate’s name is called.

The following rules apply to all visitors.

Each Inmate will be allowed a total of 3 visitors on their visitation day that are on their visitation list. Inmates can change their list the first week of each month. Inmates’ children under age 13 do not have to be on the list however the next rule still applies.

Only 3 visitors will be allowed in the visitation booth at one time, children included.

Each visit will be limited to 20 minutes. The shift supervisor must approve any extended visits.

Visitors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. All adult visitors must show a valid State ID card.

There will be no contact visits.

No food, drink, cameras, packages or weapons are allowed in the visitation area.

Money may be left for the Inmate at the visitation registration desk during visitation time. A receipt will be given and the money will be deposited into the Inmates account weekly.

All visitors will be properly attired before being allowed to enter the visitation area. Male visitors will be attired in shirt, trousers and shoes. Female visitors will be attired in conservative clothing and shoes. No running or short shorts or skirts, halter tops or swim suits will be allowed.

Intoxicated visitors will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest.

Smoking is not allowed in the jail lobby or the visitation booth.

Visitation request may be denied at any time due to volume, disturbances or time limitations.

In cases of emergency with the facility, visitors will be asked to immediately terminate their visit and leave the building. Any visitor failing to comply with ban order from security staff is subject to having visitation privileges permanently revoked.

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in immediate termination of the visit and the temporary or permanent barring of the visitor from further visitation.