Inmate Mail / e-Mail

Please be advised that all mail from family and friends must be on post cards. Books and magazines must come from a publisher. You are allowed 3 photos and after that all letters and packages will be returned to sender. Legal mail is always accepted.

How should I address my letter?

All incoming mail must be addressed as follows:

Inmates Full Name (The name they are booked under)

 ID# (5 digit) (given to the Inmate at time of booking)

Walker County Jail

PO Box 866

LaFayette, GA 30728

All return addresses should include:

Full Name (no initials, no nicknames)

Complete mailing address

City, State, Zip

All mail should have a correct return address. Any mail not completely filled out (including mail with nicknames) will be returned to sender unopened.

All incoming mail will be opened and inspected prior to delivery except legal mail correspondence from an attorney. Legal mail will be opened in the presence of the Inmate.


Photos – only 3 at a time. Must be printed on photo paper, no printer paper

Books – only 3 at a time. Must be paperback

Magazines – only 3 at a time. No nudity or explicit content. Staples removed.

Any mail containing contraband could result in the loss of visitation and /or prosecution for the visitor and disciplinary actions and/or prosecution against the Inmate.

Reading materials of explicit sexual nature, tattoos, pertaining to the purchase of assembling weapons or inciting persons to commit violent actions, are not permitted in the jail. We reserve the right not to accept anything that is inappropriate in a jail setting. Items deemed inappropriate may be destroyed.

Inmate to Inmate Mail:

Inmates at the Walker County Jail may not receive mail from other inmates within our facility. Inmate to inmate mail poses a threat to the safety, security, and good order of this facility. Forwarding inmate to inmate mail by friends and family members is strictly prohibited. All inmate to inmate mail will be refused and documented. Inmates may, however, send and receive mail to/from inmates at other facilities.

Inmate e-Mail:

Emails are now available to send-receive. You can send an email for .50 cents and family/friends can purchase 10 emails for $5.00. Emails can be purchased at

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  1. Del Thomasson:

    I am trying to send a small religious book to various inmates in the jail. It appears your prisoner on line look up has not been up dated since January 2013. Also, your on line prisoner look up does not display the five digest prisoner identification number that us required by you on the outside of the envelope of the prisoner receiving mail. I feel these books would be very beneficial to some inmates and I would love to do this with as least a bother to your staff knowing after 37 years of law enforcement myself how busy your personnel can get . Thank you.

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