Records Division

Open Records    OGCA 50-18-70

Sheriff Steve Wilson serves as the Walker County Sheriff’s Office Custodian of Records for the purposes of the Georgia Open Records Act. 

Open Record Requests must be addressed to the appropriate officer.  The listed employees are Open Record Division Officers:

Kimberly Jones, Administration Records, 706-638-1909 Ext. 1231, 706-638-6398 Fax

Melissa Harris, Investigation Records, 706-638-1909 Ext. 1223, 706-638-1907 Fax

Monica Foster, Detention Records, 706-638-1909 Ext. 1264, 706-638-0294 Fax

Mitzi Lands, Road Patrol Records, 706-638-1909 Ext. 1244, 706-638-1907 Fax

50-18-71 (b) (1) (A) Agencies shall produce for inspection all records responsive to a request within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed three business days of receipt of a request.

Open record requests will be received Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. 

50-18-71 (c) (1) An agency may impose a reasonable charge for the search, retrieval, redaction, and production or copying costs for the production of records. 

Please forward all requests for access to or reproduction of records under the Georgia Open Records Act to one of the above-named employees at  or mail to:

Sheriff Steve Wilson
Open Records Request
Post Office Box 767
Lafayette, Georgia  30728

 Incident and Accident Report Requests

Incident reports, as well as accident reports, are generally made available for dissemination to the public and other authorized individuals within 7-10 business days from the date the incident or accident was filed.   

Fees: * Only exact cash, business checks, certified checks, money orders made payable to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office will be accepted.  No personal checks.

S-301 Accident Reports Statement of Need

S-301 Open Records Request Form