Title WCSO
Job Information

Employment Eligibility:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED
  • Must pass drug screen
  • Must pass complete background investigation
  • Must pass polygraph test
  • Must pass in-depth interview
  • Applicants generally start out working in the detention division, booking and supervising inmates. Jailers are required to attend a two-week training session to become certified in all aspects of a detention facility. The detention facility employs detention officers, corporals, a lieutenant and a captain.

    Detention officers who have been with the department for a period of at least six months may be eligible to attend mandate school to become a certified deputy sheriff. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend mandate training. This training center is located in Calhoun Georgia, and lasts for a period of ten weeks. You must stay at the training center for the duration of this session, but you are allowed to return to your home on the weekends.

    After completing mandate training, you will be a certified deputy sheriff. You may be placed in the court services division or the road patrol division after your graduation, at the discretion of the Sheriff. The court services division is responsible serving civil papers, warrants and various other legal functions, in addition to working court security and transporting prisoners. The road patrol division is responsible for patrolling the county, making arrests, controlling domestic situations, and answering calls of all nature to protect the citizens and businesses.

    Positions available as a certified officer are entry-level deputies, corporals, sergeants, lieutenant and captain.

    An officer must have at least two years road patrol or other related investigative experience to become eligible for being promoted to the position of detective. The detective division works in civilian clothing and investigates crimes such as murder, burglaries and child abuse, etc. This division has positions of a captain, lieutenant, and detectives are assigned the rank of sergeant.

    Other avenues of employment within the Sheriff’s Office are training officers, the DARE unit, undercover drug investigations and administrative positions.

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