Project HOPE – Helping Other People Every day

In 2001 Sheriff Wilson began Project HOPE because he saw a need to assist residents age 75 and older who are living alone and need to be checked on regularly. The Sheriff and the sheriff’s office are continually seeking community volunteers and recipients for the program.

After a background check volunteers are paired with recipients and asked to make a daily call of at least three to five minutes to each recipient. If a recipient cannot be reached Volunteers are asked to call 911 so a deputy can be dispatched to check on the recipient.

Recipients in the program are typically 75 years of age but if someone is younger and clearly in need of assistance they will be accepted. We are currently seeking volunteers and recipients. If you or someone you know would like to be involved with this program you can call Sheriff Wilson at (706) 638-1909 ext 1231 or send a request via email by clicking the respective link below.

Volunteer Application

Recipient Application