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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff Office

Detention Chaplain and Religious Services

Religious services are provided to the Inmates assigned to general population. The services are scheduled on Thursday evening of each week.
Each Thursday at 6:00 PM a church request sheet is given to each cell block. Inmates must sign this sheet if they wish to attend services that
evening. The sheets are picked up at 7:00 PM. No names will be added to the church list once it has been collected.

Chaplain Steve Gregory provides Chaplain services Tuesday through Thursday of each week. Services include Bible study, counseling, anger
management, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and depression management classes. Requests for Religious materials must be directed to the Chaplain.

Chaplain Gregory is also available for Emergency crisis assistance which includes but is not limited to family illness or a death in the Inmates family.