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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff's Office


Lt. Patrick Cook

The Walker County Sheriff's Office Training Division is comprised of thirteen certified instructors who are assigned throughout the divisions of the Sheriff's Office. These instructors are full time Law Enforcement Officers that serve as instructors in an extra duty capacity. The Training Division is coordinated by the Departmental Training Officer.

The number of instructors in the department allows us to have a one to nine instructor to deputy ratio within the Sheriff's Office. This provides the instructors the ability to specialize in different fields of expertise in the realm of Law Enforcement. That level of specialization improves the level of instruction and in turn the performance of the deputy.

The Training Division is tasked to provide the department with up-to-date re-certification training which is required by the state. Without this continued training, the deputies would lose certification and power of arrest.

The Training Division is also dedicated to providing new training opportunities to our deputies in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of our community and to provide the most professional Law Enforcement Officers possible.

The division is currently exploring options to provide training services to the public in the future. Some of these services would include School Safety Programs, Firearms Safety Programs, and Concealed Weapon Carry Programs in conjunction with the Walker County Probate Court.

Through recent inter-agency cooperation between the Sheriff's Office, the County Commissioner's Office, and the county Fire Department, the Sheriff's Office has been able to acquire and re-task an existing county building as a Law Enforcement Training Facility. This will alleviate the recurring problem of having to borrow facilities from other agencies for training purposes. This building will also provide a venue in the future for classes that are targeted toward public education.

The instructors of the Walker County Sheriff's Office are proud to provide better service to the people of this county by providing better service to the deputies of the Sheriff's Office