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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff's Office

Uniform Patrol

Captain Chris Anderson

The Walker County Sheriff's Office Road Patrol Division consists of the following:
Four Sergeants
Four Corporals
Four shifts consisting of seven deputies per shift including the sergeant and corporal

The Road Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for a variety of areas. Almost every call that comes through the 911 center ranging from violent calls such as armed robberies, murder, aggravated assault, burglary, domestic violence, and non-violent calls such as barking dogs, animals in the roadway, calls associated with the weather and road conditions. The Road Patrol deputies respond to all motor vehicle accidents on the roadway or private property accidents. Road Patrol deputies are responsible for serving and executing warrants. The road Patrol division initiates the majority of the offenses that are assigned to a detective. Reportable offenses are documented and submitted to sergeants for approval and sent to the Criminal Investigations Division for assortment and assignments. The Road Patrol Division patrols 445 square miles of roads within Walker County. Each deputy averages 30,000 miles per year for an approximate one million patrolled miles each year by the Road Patrol Division.

Within the Road Patrol Division we also have a specialized unit called the Traffic and Accident Prevention unit (TAP Unit).

The TAP Unit consists of a sergeant and three deputies that specialize in speed reduction, apprehension of DUI violators, drug interdiction, along with being K-9 handlers of their highly-trained Police K-9's. The TAP Unit was responsible for seizing countless vehicles along with money involved in drug activity. Many of the drug cases were made using drug-detecting K-9's.

To request extra patrol for your business or property contact Captain Chris Anderson at 706-638-1909 ext 1242 or by email: