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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff Office

Criminal History

How do I request a criminal history on myself or someone else?

To obtain a copy of your criminal history, please download the appropriate form below. Print and fill-out the form and bring it to the Walker County Sheriff's Office.

Form for Criminal History on yourself
Form for Criminal History on someone else

How do I contest the information contained in my Georgia criminal history record if it is inaccurate or if my identity has been used in another individual's criminal history record?

To contest the accuracy of information in your criminal history record, or if your identification data was used in another individual's criminal history record, fingerprints must be submitted to GCIC for comparison.  See the GCIC Contact Information at the bottom of the webpage to schedule an appointment. A $20.00 fee (includes $3.00 for the inspection and $17.00 rolling fee) payable by certified check or money order to the Georgia Crime Information Center, is required.

If you are unable to come in person, the following information is required:  

A signed written request with a brief explanation for the request to include the specific data that is being challenged and a complete return mailing address.  

Each request must contain two completed applicant fingerprint cards with all of the applicant's personal information (name, date of birth, place of birth, etc.) and a current set of 10 rolled fingerprints and eight flat finger impressions. Fingerprints and impressions must be taken by a local law enforcement agency; please include a photocopy of the applicant’s identification that was presented to the law enforcement agency that did the printing and provide their address and telephone number so that GCIC may contact them if there are any questions.  

A $3.00 fee, payable by certified check or money order to the Georgia Crime Information Center, is required.  

Information should be mailed to the address listed in the contact information. Your request will be processed and a certificate (letter) with the results will be mailed back to you.  

  Contact Information
Georgia Crime Information Center
CCH/Identification Services
P.O. Box 370808
Decatur, Georgia 30037-0808
Fax: 404-270-8417