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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff Office

Detention Commissary

Commissary services provide the means to purchase underclothing, food items, writing materials and personal hygiene items. Commissary is a privilege for the inmates and can be stopped at any time with little or no notice. Commissary can be revoked as a part of disciplinary action.

Commissary is ordered by the inmates from kiosk located in each cell block. All commissary orders must be saved in the system by Thursday night of each week by 11:00 p.m. Commissary orders will be delivered each Monday morning unless it falls on a holiday. Commissary orders cannot be changed or withdrawn once they have been submitted. No refunds, even if the inmate leaves prior to receiving their order. Only items on the approved list may be ordered. A $50.00 limit will be the maximum amount of an order. Inmates will not be extended a credit. If money is not available in their account, the order will not be processed.

Inmates who are indigent may fill out a commissary request via kisok for an indigent kit via the kiosk located in each cell block. The kit contains hygiene items as well as writing materials including postage stamps. The indigent kit can only be ordered every four weeks. A negative balance will be placed on the inmates account for future deposits.

Inmates are not allowed to transfer money from one inmate account to another.

Commissary order and delivery days may change without notice.

Inmate commissary can be ordered on-line from Legacy Commissary at 

You may also put money on Inmate Accounts for commissary or phone services at