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Walker County Sheriff Office
105 South Duke Street
Lafayette Georgia 30728


Walker County Sheriff Office

Detention Inmate Medical

The Medical Department is headed by our Medical Director Dr. David Lynch, MD.

The medical staff consist of:
Dr. Robert Stultz, PA,
Sheila Smith, LPN Nurse Supervisor

Inmates who need medical attention are to fill out a Request for Medical Attention Form. The forms must be completed with detailed, accurate information. Completed forms are to be turned in at med call.

Medical request forms are reviewed daily (Monday-Friday) by the medical staff.
The dates and times of Doctor Call is determined by the Doctor. Inmates are seen at Doctor call twice a week unless a call must be canceled for some reason. Inmates are notified when to get ready for Doctor call. All special diets, prosthetic devices and certain bedding exceptions must be approved by the medical department.

All medications will be prescribed by or approved by the licensed facility Physician. Medical personnel and staff members will ensure that medications are administered and taken as directed.

TREATMENT: Any medical problems the Inmate has should be brought to the attention of the Booking Officer at the time they are booked into the jail. The Booking Staff will screen each inmate by asking a series of questions regarding medical problems. The Medical Department will determine if a doctor’s attention is needed.

MEDICATION: All medications in the possession of inmates at the time of admission will be turned over to the Medical Department for the determination of distribution, proper dosage and approval by the facility Physician. All medications will be stored in the medical clinic. Normally, inmates will not be allowed to retain either prescribed or non-prescribed medications.

If the Medical Staff or Officer has reason to believe that an inmate has faked swallowing the medication, the Medical Staff or Officer will ask the inmate to open his/her mouth for inspection. Inmates refusing the above will have their medications crushed and dispensed in water.

Walker County Sheriff's Office has a medical co-payment policy. Inmates who request medical services must pay a portion of the cost of those services, as they would outside the jail. These charges are per visit. Should you require valid emergency medical care, there is no charge. If the nurse or physician want to see you, there is no charge. The fee for each service is set in advance and is the same for each Inmate. Inmates without money will not be denied medical care. Their account will run a negative balance for the services and medications that the Inmate received. Any money received will first go toward payment of that debt. There is no charge for the initial screening, life-threatening emergencies, or follow-up visits ordered by the medical staff.

Inmate Medical Co-Pay

An inmate requesting medical services must fill out a sick call request form. Your request will be acted on as promptly as possible. Fees associated with medical attention are as follows:

$3.00 for any medications that are prescribed.
$5.00 to see the Physician or his designee.


Dental appointments are made by the medical staff. Inmates with greatest need, as determined by the Medical staff, will receive priority consideration for dental appointments. Dental services are limited to emergency extractions only. There is a co-payment fee to see the dentist.


The jail will not provide eyeglasses or repair glasses. The Inmate may have someone bring a pair of prescription glasses in. Inmates are limited to one pair of eyeglasses.